Professional On Hold Messages by OfficeHQ

Engage, inform and promote your business while your callers are on hold!

Professional On Hold Messages are a highly targeted, cost effective way to improve awareness of your brand, products and services.

Build your company’s image and professionalism with an entertaining and informative on hold message that promotes your products and services. You can bundle a professional on hold message with your virtual reception service to create an enhanced image for your business.

A Professional On Hold Message can be one of your most cost effective and informative marketing tools!

  1. Chat with your Sales Representative about the benefits and product features of On Hold Messages.
  2. We’ll call you to discuss the finer details and create your On Hold Message order with you.
  3. We’ll create the copy which will capture the essence of your business and craft it into the finest script you’ve ever read!
  4. We’ll record your on hold message at our in-house studio using our talented voice-over specialists.
  5. We’ll configure your on hold message on our integrated virtual reception platform and you will be up and running!
  6. Reap the benefits of enlightening and engaging your callers — every time they call!

Package Options for your Professional On Hold Message

Includes Virtual Reception Service and On Hold Message

Special Bundle
Monthly Cost*
Setup Fee
Included Calls
Excess Calls
MyReceptionist Pro 75 $200.00 $199.00 75 calls $2.50
MyReceptionist Pro 150 $325.00 $199.00 150 calls $2.50

You can also add a Professional On Hold Message Package to your MyReceptionist service

Setup Fee (One-off charge) $199.00
Monthly Subscription* (Ongoing charge) $99.00
*Please refer to Terms & Conditions for Payment Terms
Professional On Hold Messages form part of OfficeHQ products and services and are not available separately.

Listen to our sample on hold messages

Customize your Professional On Hold Message with your Virtual Reception Service

  • Your OfficeHQ Sales or Customer Service representative will explain the features and benefits of On Hold Messages to engage with your callers and grow your business.
    If you decide to proceed, then we will arrange for one of our creative project managers to call you to discuss the finer details of developing your on hold message.
  • We focus on the image and tone you want to create for your business – whether you want a light, bright, fast-paced message or whether you are looking to create a more conservative or serious image; we can tailor the script, voice talent and background music to best represent your business.
  • Our creative team will develop your script, creating a message format that is rich in content and reinforces your key messages to promote your brand, products and services.
  • Once you have signed off on the script, we will record your customised, Professional On Hold Message at our locally based recording studio and your professional message will be configured with your MyReceptionist professional answering service.
  • Your callers will not only be greeted by our professional, friendly OfficeHQ receptionists, they will also learn more about your products and services while waiting to be transferred to your representatives!