FAQs / Escalation

What is a call escalation service?

Escalation management in conjunction with a call answering service is designed to ensure urgent matters can be dealt with as fast as possible. This involves the implementation of customised processes to meet the requirements of your business or organisation, but essentially requires your nominated team members to confirm when notifications have been received to prevent a call or issue being escalated any further.

You specify the personnel, sequence and contact methods (such as SMS, email or calls) for escalation notifications. Our receptionist will then follow up on these calls, halting the escalation process upon receiving confirmation from your team member (through verbal reply or SMS) that a notification has been received.

Whether it’s a straightforward escalation of all calls or a more nuanced process, such as involving receptionist-led evaluations to determine severity, the service ensures efficient handling of incidents.

Please contact us for more information on our international services.

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