Call answering services for retailers & ecommerce businesses

With strict adherence to data privacy requirements, OfficeHQ is ready to take your retail business to the next level. With our scalable service being perfectly suited to coping with peak sales periods, our virtual receptionists can answer your calls, take orders, process payments and more.

We keep your store open for business even after you’ve closed up shop or logged off

Australian receptionists

Our local virtual reception teams answer calls, take messages and warm transfer as an extension of your business.

24/7 live call answering

Ecommerce never sleeps and neither do we. We answer calls after-hours, on weekends and public holidays.

Manage peak sales

Christmas, Black Friday, Click Frenzy … no lock-in contract means we can answer calls for as long as you need.

Order taking & payments

Our receptionists can take orders, process payments or provide tracking information for your callers.

Campaign phone numbers

Dedicated campaign phone numbers, answered in your preferred script. Don’t let incoming leads go to waste.

1300 or 1800 numbers

Give your retail or ecommerce business a professional, national presence by adding a 1300 or 1800 number.

How our virtual reception service works

Your tools are our tools

We integrate seamlessly with your current tools.

Connect with more customers, whenever they wish to shop, with 24/7 retail call answering

We have virtual receptions solutions suited to national and international distributors, retailers with physical stores, ecommerce-only retailers and hybrid operations.

Complementary business solutions

Phone numbers

Set up virtual inbound numbers for different locations or, if you require a national presence, a 1300 number or free call 1800 number.

Automated messaging

Have voicemails or faxes instantly emailed to you both for convenience and to ensure no important communications are ever missed.

Virtual address

Choose a virtual business address to expand your presence geographically, without expensive overheads or the need to relocate.

What our customers love

Every single person who takes the calls for me at OfficeHQ is highly trained.
Lisa Saito, Living and Dining
OfficeHQ takes a message which goes to every staff mobile/email so the right department can return the call soon after. This allows the staff to prioritise their time.
Shaz Maharaullee, The Furniture People
We regard OfficeHQ as the ‘voice of our business’, a partner who does a great job every single time driving sales enquiries to us quickly.
Peter Murphy, Shredders Direct
I have been using OfficeHQ to answer my incoming calls for the past four years. It is far more cost-effective than having a full-time receptionist.
Craig Selvage, Streammaster Australia
We are a 40-year-old business and OfficeHQ have been a godsend to us. From top management to the receptionists, nothing is too much trouble.
Steve Argyle, Delta Blinds

Trusted by more than 200 Australian retailers and ecommerce store owners


Yes, our receptionist will take any calls you are missing. You may be on another call or simply unable to answer the call because you are busy at the time. Our receptionists will take a detailed message and send to you instantly by email or SMS. Every call diverted to OfficeHQ will be answered – no matter what your circumstances are at the time of the call.

Yes. This is referred to as “call overflow”. A lot of companies require their phone calls to be answered only when they are unable to take the call themselves. This could be if you step out of the office for an hour, you are busy on another call, go to lunch or simply because you have multiple calls coming in at the one time. Simply divert your existing phone number (to the unique local phone number we allocate your business during the Free Trial setup process) on busy, no answer (e.g. after say 5 rings) or permanently. That way you are always in control and can relax knowing you will never miss another call.

With the MyReceptionist service a live receptionist answers and routs your calls exactly as you require such that callers will think our receptionist is sitting in your office. So a typical greeting might be: “Good morning/afternoon [your company name], Jenny speaking, how may I help you?”

Calls can be introduced and transferred to the relevant staff member or a message taken which is instantly sent via email and / or SMS to the relevant staff member.

The receptionists are also able to provide callers with information about your company such as your address, web site address, what your business does, your fax number etc.

The Message Express Message Service still has a live receptionist answering the phone in your business name but the greeting must be: “Good morning/afternoon [your company name]. May I have your message please?”

This gives callers the impression we are an answering service. The receptionist cannot answer any questions but merely takes a message which can be emailed and / or SMS’d to you. Calls cannot be introduced and transferred to you or staff with the Message Express Service.

You can upgrade to the MyReceptionist service at any time from the Message Express Message Service and vice versa.

Yes. This is referred to as call overflow. Many businesses only want the calls answered when they are unable to, for example if you step out of the office for an hour or so, if you’re on another call, at lunch, or simply because you have too many calls at one time. You can set up your diversion to us when the phone rings for more than a specified period, or if it is busy/engaged, and we will answer the phone as if we were in your office. Never miss that important call again!

Yes. A lot of our 2,500+ clients use the service as an overflow for when they are unable to take calls or when their own in-house receptionist is at lunch, sick or on annual leave. Our Live Answering Service is like an “on tap” receptionist that you can use for an hour, a day, a week or whenever you need to. You only pay for what you use so it is also very economical.

Immediately. It only takes a few minutes to set up the Free Trial. We can be answering and handling your telephone calls in three or four minutes from now. Literally, it is that quick.

Our billing system is fully automated. You can choose to pay by direct debit or credit card, using MasterCard, Visa or AMEX. All invoices are viewable in real time on our client portal. We will email your tax invoice each month.

Any business that requires a professional receptionist to answer and route their telephone calls. Our 2,500+ clients include accountants, lawyers, printers, franchisors, franchisees, recruitment firms, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, IT software, IT consultants, IT hardware engineers, cleaners, marketing agencies, public relations agencies, home businesses, commercial property, real estate agents, web based businesses, business consultants, training companies, shuttle (car / bus) services, restaurants as well as medium size companies with hundreds of staff.

Yes you are able to take advantage of our Free 7 Day Trial offer for our Message Express Service. Message Express can be set up in minutes and instantly we can be answering your calls and sending you messages. Everything is FREE in the Free Trial. There is absolutely no charge for anything, whether you have 1 or 101 staff.

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