Discover how OfficeHQ’s virtual reception and phone answering solutions benefit businesses of all sizes. From reducing costs, to assisting with call overflow, presenting a more professional image and creating more time to work on other things – read what our customers have to say.

I’ve worked with OfficeHQ for many years over several different businesses. After having difficulties previously with another provider (who were missing calls… cardinal sin), it’s been so good to be able to rely on prompt, professional call answering. Reliability is 100%.

Dave Lye, PriceMyCar.com.au

The receptionists consistently have a professional phone manner in speaking to our prospective clients. Support always respond quickly and action whatever is needed, which is huge for us – especially when we have new employees and we need to update our instructions. The team has called to clarify and enhance our procedures to ensure the best possible experience for our callers.

Stavros Loizides, Fox First Real Estate

I have been using OfficeHQ for over 2 years. They have been very professional to work with. My medical practice has grown very fast and recently they have been able to step in and save the day when other staff were sick with Covid. For the level of service they provide, they can never be the cheapest out there. Their customer service is outstanding and they clearly pride themselves on this. A great option if you are small and want to reduce your fixed reception staff costs or if you need a backup.

Dr David Samra, Sport Medicine Specialist

Running a dynamic law practice, there are a lot of moving parts I have to worry about. Thanks to the unwavering professionalism of OfficeHQ, reception services isn’t one of them. Over the 10 years I’ve been with OfficeHQ they have delivered nothing but the best service I could hope for. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who appreciates professional and affordable reception services.

Joseph Kelly, Kelly Workplace Lawyers

I’ve been using OfficeHQ since I started my business, in 2011. My customers and potential customers have only ever commented favourably on the answer; I don’t think anyone has realised it’s not my own reception. They are also good at stopping telemarketers. For the core purpose of answering calls professionally, giving a good first impression and accurately taking messages, five stars.

Tim Richardson, Growthpath

OfficeHQ has been a game changer for our business. We don’t need a physical receptionist in our office, but we do need someone to answer the phones in a timely and professional manner – which is exactly what the team at OfficeHQ has done for us for the past four years. They book appointments for our sales team and filter out telemarketing calls that we’re not interested in. The service was super easy to set up and costs a fraction of what it would to hire a receptionist.

Karl Graf, DreamWalk Apps

We have been using OfficeHQ for over eight years now. The amount of time and money we have saved has been amazing. Every time I think of how much it would cost to hire a receptionist full time, I know exactly how far in front I am. I also love how OfficeHQ screens out all the calls. This means only relevant calls get through to me, so I don’t get disturbed when I’m right in the middle of something!

James Henry, Hyped Media

We have found using OfficeHQ’s remote receptionist service extremely beneficial to our company. It has freed up our staff to respond to clients on our terms, minimising distractions during the working day and enabling effective and concise interactions. We have found the service particularly helpful during Covid, with staff working from home and unable to access our central phone system. Initially, I was worried about not being in control of our own calls, but I have been proved wrong and the service has surpassed my expectations. I would recommend OfficeHQ to anyone considering virtual services.

Rory Hall, Camps International

OfficeHQ gives us the assurance that no call will be unanswered, which is extremely important for a service-based business. OfficeHQ’s virtual receptionists are polite, prompt and accurate, ensuring we receive clear and precise messages as they come in. Additionally, having access to our own OfficeHQ portal makes managing our account easy.

Wayne Walsh, Premiair Air Conditioning

It is vital that my customers can always have their calls answered quickly in a professional manner which creates a great first impression. Every single person who takes the calls for me at OfficeHQ is highly trained in this and also decline calls that are sales or nuisance calls, which saves me a lot of time

Lisa Saito, Living and Dining

We’ve been using OfficeHQ’s virtual phone answering services for the best part of a decade and it’s been an ideal way to ensure new client enquiries are never missed, as well as efficiently dealing with enquiries from jobseekers. Our virtual receptionists very professionally screen callers, transferring calls from employers wishing to utilise our services (as our availability permits), efficiently forwarding messages by email when we’ve set our availability to ‘do not disturb’ and directing anyone wishing to submit a resume to the page on our website where they can do so. We never miss a business opportunity but don’t have reception staffing issues to deal with. It’s an ideal solution and has been extremely beneficial for our business.

John Lombard, Sales Recruit Partners

Keeping our procedures effective but simple is really important to us. We love the 24/7 use of our 1300 number and market the use toward the calls that we don’t want to miss. The calls are professionally answered using our script, and the message is sent to us in both an email and text message. It’s a great service and highly recommended.

Bobi Vikor, RentSelect

OfficeHQ make us look professional and their support is invaluable to our business model of customer-centred care. When customers come to their appointments they think the receptionist was sitting at the front desk taking calls. The OfficeHQ receptionists are part of our team and I’m amazed at their knowledge of our needs and our customer’s needs. In audiology we have difficult terminology that OfficeHQ understands and they are always willing to help us in any way. For example when we run a promotion or special, often they quickly pick up what is going to be advertised and the key points that they need to know about. Thanks to their well-trained staff, everything we do runs smoothly

Ines Colubriale, Northern Sydney Hearing

I have engaged OfficeHQ for many years as my virtual phone assistant, if I am unable to take calls. The service has been invaluable, especially when I am away for a lengthy period of time. I always receive from OfficeHQ a prompt response outlining details of the caller, the reason for the call and the contact details. OfficeHQ has access to my diary and is able to book appointments on my behalf. My practice has benefited as I have not missed calls from existing and potential clients. By directing clients to my dedicated OfficeHQ number, this has ensured a streamlined, efficient and prompt service, particularly as to my availability. I would recommend OfficeHQ as a valuable adjunct to small businesses

Penny Feil, Accord Mediation

Our business runs a very busy call centre and we use OfficeHQ for call centre overflow to take those calls we’re unable to immediately handle. This amounts to over 15,000 calls per annum that OfficeHQ handles on our behalf. We’ve found the service to be absolutely seamless with all calls being answered on a very timely basis with instant messaging and real-time reporting. Without OfficeHQ’s virtual reception service we simply couldn’t run our business.

Carole-Anne Priest, Imalia

We’ve been using OfficeHQ for a decade and it’s been an extremely cost-effective way of ensuring all of our customers’ calls are answered and queries passed on efficiently. The receptionists answer in our business name and are always extremely professional. Because they do such a great job, most customers are completely unaware that they’re speaking to someone who isn’t in our office. As a telecommunications service provider, we receive some calls after-hours from customers seeking emergency technical support and OfficeHQ’s system enables us to provide prompt assistance as required. Overall, we’re very happy with our virtual reception service.

Callex Communications Specialists

The team at OfficeHQ makes life easier. No call or message is missed and our clients are connected to our team between the office or working from home, especially during a lockdown. Excellent service. Highly recommended.

Chris Parker, Awaken

The service provided by OfficeHQ is professional. The backend system is intuitive and caters to our business need for overflow calls. Most importantly the operators are based in Australia. I would recommend any small business looking for a virtual reception to consider the service offered by OfficeHQ.

Josh Callaghan, bookabreak.com.au

We’ve been using OfficeHQ for many years as our after-hours reception service and found that they have always been extremely professional and polite to our customers. We always receive an email with the message within minutes of them taking the call. Highly recommend.

Tracy Crowley, Suncoast Outdoor Living

We are an online business operating 24/7 and we receive a lot of phone calls with inquiries. We needed a solution where our phone calls are always answered on time and OfficeHQ have been helping us with these for over five years now. Very happy with the service so far. The worse thing for a customer is to call a business and there is no answer or the phone calls goes to voicemail. Most of the time this is a lead loss. As businesses we work so hard to promote our services and we need to be there for the client when they decide to reach out. Also we are often on the phone already with other customers or busy with other work, so having the phone calls answered by someone else helps us juggle things. OfficeHQ takes a message which goes to every staff mobile/email so the right department can return the call soon after. This allows the staff to prioritise their time so that when they are returning the call they can dedicate their full attention to this particular customer. We plan to stick around with OfficeHQ, are grateful for their services and would recommend.

Shaz Maharaullee, The Furniture People

Initially we engaged a receptionist but soon realised that outsourcing this role was far more cost-effective and less problematic. We have been using OfficeHQ for over 10 years and it’s such a bonus to be free of staffing headaches, such as when they call in sick. With OfficeHQ as part of our team, there is always someone available to answer calls. OfficeHQ ensures calls to HR National are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Tom Anusic, HR National

We’ve partnered with OfficeHQ to offer our callers friendly receptionists to handle our calls when our team are busy, as a real person is so much better to talk to than voicemail we find! We use their service for specific project sales lines, the office line and mobiles when we are in meetings or onsite predominantly. We first approached OfficeHQ because we wanted our callers to experience a professional and consistent greeting every time and ensure no sales calls go unanswered.

Pavilion Homes Group

We have been using OfficeHQ for a number of years now. Their service and reliability is literally infallible. In our capacity of a health care provider, having all unanswered calls received as messages in real-time as emails is invaluable.

Rachel Nazha, Complete Dental Care

In the start-up phase for my law practice, I opted for a virtual reception service to avoid the overheads of a full-time receptionist. There was some initial apprehension around whether the setup would be smooth and whether a high standard of call experience for my clients could be maintained, but it’s been fine. I’ve had no complaints for a client that suggests they haven’t been well served by OfficeHQ receptionists, with all calls being answered in a very professional manner. In fact, clients appreciate the quick call responsiveness they’re receiving, which can be difficult to manage with an in-house receptionist due to the peaks and troughs in call volume. The combination of text and email notifications of a call is really helpful also, as is the entering of appointment details directly into my calendar. I definitely would recommend OfficeHQ, both to small businesses like myself as well as larger practices.

Scott McSwan, WorkLegal

OfficeHQ has provided an extremely valuable service over the last 5 years. The investment in having a dedicated phone answering service which operates 24/7 is invaluable. The service is effective and price efficient and we see OfficeHQ as an integral part of our communication strategy. I would highly recommend OfficeHQ to anyone who is looking for a specialised inbound telephone answering service!

Frank Walmsley, Capital Commercial Business Sales

We’ve been using OfficeHQ successfully as our inbound call centre for over five years now. We are delighted with the service. Running an internet services business requires a customer phone line which always gets answered, no matter what time of the day, or how many calls come in at the same time. So, when we were looking for a telephone answering service we didn’t want just your average phone answering club, but rather a company that had put some sophistication into their operations. We are delighted that OfficeHQ has turned out to be the right choice.

Ger Vloothuis, Vantage Broadband

As a small and nimble team, we don’t have capacity to manage new lead phone calls on a regular basis. The OfficeHQ team helps us manage these call-backs on our schedule, keeping everyone happy. Calls are answered by friendly, well-spoken virtual assistants and we receive prompt emails containing the new call details.

Michael Papandrea, Small Business Bundles

Customers often qualify our service by calling us before they book, so it is sales critical that our phone is always answered professionally and promptly. OfficeHQ does that for us when we are remote to the office. We receive both an email and an SMS notification, allowing our small team to respond quickly no matter where we are. Having tried another provider whose service didn’t match their claims, we are so pleased we found OfficeHQ.

Paul Gibbs, Goldrush Ballooning

As a small business, every new business lead counts. In using OfficeHQ, we’re confident that not one of our valuable leads will be missed no matter the time of day. We love the flexible service offering and find it to be a cost-effective way to offer 24/7 reception to our clients.

Hannah Mutze, My Home Plumbing

We wouldn’t have grown and been successful as an online retailer without the services of OfficeHQ. We regard OfficeHQ as the ‘voice of our business’, a partner who does a great job every single time driving sales enquiries to us quickly by email and text, allowing us to respond quickly. They’ve helped us since 2012 and we couldn’t be happier.

Peter Murphy, Shredders Direct

FireCrunch has used OfficeHQ continuously every day for some 10 years. Initially we thought this would be a short-term need when we started the company back in 2011 and we would ultimately employ our own personnel. That finally never occurred, as the service from the operatives in this company have been so good that they have virtually become part of the FireCrunch team. The almost instant relay of customer calls by email and text to our field operatives enables us to reply to customer enquiries promptly, plus the form system established allows direct loading to the FireCrunch CRM with no manual transfer required by FireCrunch. The first contact by telephone of the caller is the way customers view your company’s professional response and attitude. OfficeHQ we consider the best at this.

Peter Jones, FireCrunch

We have been delighted with OfficeHQ. Our reception service was easy to set-up and the payment plans scale sensibly. The service has provided us with a more professional way of handling enquiries than simply sending prospects to message bank.  As a result, we have converted nearly all prospects into clients though OfficeHQ, rather than 50% when using standard message bank. The reception team are polite and well-spoken, which elevates our brand and provides the perception that we are always available.

Nick Carter, Lotus Creek Psychology

Professional service recommended to every small business owner.

Leo Colgar, Bright Accounting and Taxation Services

Having used your service continuously for 15 years (since 2007), OfficeHQ has truly set the benchmark for this industry. In all this time, we have never had a single technical issue, interruption to our service, or quite frankly, any reason whatsoever to even contact them. Price-wise: no other service out there comes close! Not a single price increase during all this time. Talk about taking a service for granted – it really doesn’t get any better than this. Thank you for the years and years of quality service you have provided my business.

Wayne Lewis, The Computer School

OfficeHQ has been a great support service to our admin team and ensures all our calls are professionally handled regardless of whether or not we can get to the phone.

Sharon Latour, Marketing Bee

Stop Noise Windows has been using OfficeHQ for many years. It provides us with the peace of mind that our customers will always be talking to a person, not a machine. Our customers’ or suppliers’ information is received via email instantly and it can be attended to out of office hours if needed. Honestly, it’s like having your office open 24/7 for enquiries. We highly recommend OfficeHQ for your after-hours enquiries and when your office is unattended.

Carol Adams, Stop Noise

I have been using OfficeHQ to answer my incoming calls for the past four years. It is far more cost-effective than having a full-time receptionist. Calls are answered by Australian call centre personnel, then the messages sent as an email which I can respond to in turn. The receptionists get to know your business and can field most questions on the spot. Ones they can’t are forwarded via email. We highly recommend OfficeHQ.

Craig Selvage, Streammaster Australia

I commend you and your team on the professionalism with which you have been handling our incoming calls. We started using OfficeHQ as we needed to grow our business but didn’t want to incur large staff costs. The calm response from your receptionists and being a real human being, rather than a recording, has given significant reassurance to our customers.

JGID (Just Get It Done)

OfficeHQ gives us the ability to do what we do best, both in the clinic and off-site. We’re assured in knowing we’ll never miss an important call or potential appointment, all for a fraction of the cost of having our own receptionist.

Tom Lombardo, SportsLink Physiotherapy

I am very happy with the service. It has allowed my clients to always have someone on the other end of the phone when I am busy.

Courtney Milne, Completely Taylored

I could not rate OfficeHQ and their service highly enough. Extremely friendly, professional and easy to communicate with on the go.

Inspect 365

We have been using OfficeHQ’s services for many years now and it’s of the highest standard. Not only are the phone operators accurate and efficient in getting valuable leads back to us in a timely fashion, but we are always getting complimented on the friendliness of the ladies who work the phones and them being so very professional! I am extremely happy. We are a 40-year-old business and OfficeHQ have been a godsend to us. From top management to the receptionists, nothing is too much trouble. I highly recommend to any business looking for a great answering system, call OfficeHQ. I promise you that you will not be disappointed. Great professional people who know what’s really important to businesses.

Steve Argyle, Delta Blinds

OfficeHQ have been extremely professional, responsive and efficient in dealing with the calls for the charity I work for. To have someone pick up the phone who is friendly and professional is so great for our clients and ensures we never miss a call. Business with heart – thank you to OfficeHQ team!

Lisa Daldy, Cindy Mackenzie Breast Cancer Program

Helpful and friendly staff offering a professional service. Can highly recommend.

Paul Werner, Denture Clinics

OfficeHQ receptionists provide our office with cost-effective answering services. We recommend OfficeHQ and their team in providing a professional and friendly receptionist service. This service enables us to attend court and meetings whilst receiving instant messaging and real-time reporting. This valuable service ensures our clients are kept up-to-date and no calls goes unanswered.

Brian Quinn, Intercept Law

It really takes the pressure off me knowing OfficeHQ will answer my phone calls if I can’t, or if I’m on another call. OfficeHQ receptionists really listen to my callers and send me a message detailing what the call was regarding. Very handy! People are constantly complimenting me on the smart receptionist they spoke to in my office. Most don’t realise the receptionist wasn’t really in my office, which is exactly what I want. OfficeHQ are essential to the management of my business’s phone calls.

The Blue Mexican

In real estate our customers call between 8am and 8pm, well outside standard business hours. We need to be totally confident that all our customer calls are responded to quickly. We have been using OfficeHQ for more than six years now and see the service as a seamless extension of our business. I really believe engaging a receptionist on staff couldn’t match the service OfficeHQ provides. The cost-benefit of using OfficeHQ for a small business like ours is fantastic; it has all the advantages of a full-time receptionist, without the cost or need to manage another staff member.

GC Real Estate

Since engaging the services of OfficeHQ over three years ago, our team of psychologists have the certainty of knowing that, when we are not available, the phones will be answered by a professional OfficeHQ receptionist in a warm personal manner. Our practice has all the advantages of a dedicated receptionist, without the prohibitive cost of employing and training another staff member. The OfficeHQ receptionists also make and change appointments, give clients information regarding Medicare rebates and details of information they might need to bring to sessions. They really perform as a seamless extension of the practice, responding to calls in a really professional and caring way.

Barrenjoey Psychology

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