Why your real estate agency needs a virtual receptionist

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If you’re running a busy real estate agency and need help answering calls, you can rely on OfficeHQ. With less interruptions in your day, you can save your precious time for the calls that matter.

Using virtual receptionists ensures every caller speaks to a human, whenever they call. No more frustration at having to leave a voicemail or having the phone ring out!

This not only improves their experience but can also:

  • Enhance your reputation for excellent levels of service
  • Increase productivity within your team
  • Reduce staffing headaches
  • Improve your bottom line

OfficeHQ’s professional receptionists can take messages, transfer calls or even book appointments. And much more! All without taking up a desk in your office and for a fraction of the cost of a full-time wage.

We already support about 600 real estate agencies across Australia, some 24/7. We help connect them with more sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants.

Having our team of remote-working receptionists answering calls for you means:

  • Your team can maintain focus on priority, high-value tasks free from constant distraction
  • You can create a point of difference to your competitors
  • You can enjoy increased client satisfaction
  • You can avoid wasting your marketing spend on attracting leads only to lose them due to missed calls

Top 5 features to look for in a real estate answering service

Trusting another company to answer your calls is a big step. As such, it’s highly advisable to ensure the following:

  1. Receptionists based in Australia
  2. Around-the-clock coverage
  3. Fast answering speed (this varies considerably across providers)
  4. A dedicated appointment booking team
  5. Flexible PAYG options

OfficeHQ offers all of the above and much more.

Why relying on voicemail can cost you dearly

Australians hate having to leave a voicemail. When calling a business, 92% prefer speaking to a real person. Almost as many (84%) will take their business elsewhere if their call is not handled well.

Yet a mind-blowing 7 out of 10 calls to real estate agents go through to voicemail.

What does this mean for your real estate agency (or real estate sales career)? You can’t afford to miss calls! It’s critical that all calls are not only answered, by a human, but managed in a friendly and helpful way. Of course, that’s not always easy. Even with a full-time in-house receptionist, you’ll likely miss concurrent or after-hours calls. And you’ll have the stress of providing cover for lunch breaks, sick days and holidays.

Calls answered swiftly – within Australia

The solution lies in embracing technology, while still enabling human connection.

We understand how essential it is that callers enjoy a seamless experience. That’s why we answer calls in your business name, using your preferred greeting. For the caller, it’s as though they’re speaking to someone sitting at the front desk of your agency’s premises!

We also don’t send calls offshore or use contractors. All our receptionists are employees located in Australia and trained in-house. 

All work from home and most live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Calls are quality-monitored and we also answer in less than 10 seconds on average.

24/7 or after-hours real estate call answering

The most obvious benefit of using OfficeHQ’s services is never missing an important call, such as:

  • A motivated property owner wanting to arrange a sales appraisal
  • A cash buyer from out of town wanting to see a property before heading home
  • A landlord considering switching agencies and making enquiries about management fees
  • A tenant reporting an emergency at 2.30am

You can even sleep easy knowing receptionists can triage any after-hours emergency calls!

We can also integrate call answering with tools such as CRMs or online calendars. This can allow receptionists to:

  • Submit leads directly to team managers/members
  • Schedule appraisals and other meetings into available timeslots

For many real estate agencies, opportunity may also exist to better leverage talent. This can include:

  • Ensuring teams can concentrate on revenue-generating activities
  • Upskilling a receptionist into a property management role

Getting started couldn’t be simpler

You can have OfficeHQ receptionists answering your calls within a matter of minutes! The steps involved are:

  • Instant account activation
  • Quick and easy set-up in our online portal
  • Forwarding your advertised phone number to a unique number we provide

There is even flexibility to send all calls to OfficeHQ or only some calls. For example, when the line is busy or when calls are not answered within a certain timeframe. Technology allows OfficeHQ receptionists to see when an incoming call is for you. Their console displays your business name and preferred caller greeting. Once in the call, other information (as supplied by you) is available to them.

What tasks can virtual receptionists handle?

Depending on your chosen virtual reception solution and information you’ve supplied, receptionists can:

  • Handle calls from property owners, buyers and tenants differently, based on your preferences
  • Take messages (immediately sent by email and/or SMS at the end of the call)
  • Transfer calls (when appropriate and settings show availability for transfers)
  • Answer FAQs
  • Triage calls from tenants relating to after-hours property maintenance emergencies
  • Route after-hours emergency calls to on-call tradespeople as necessary
  • Enter leads directly into your CRM
  • Book appointments in your preferred calendar software
  • Fully manage calendars, including handling postponements and cancellations
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Fred McKie is a former News Limited journalist who owned and operated a commercial photography business in southeast Queensland for several years before becoming a digital marketing professional. He joined our Sunshine Coast head office team in 2021 as OfficeHQ's Website & Digital Marketing Co-ordinator and is thrilled to be a part of a company that helps businesses thrive.

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